【CD】MAKE ME REAL Acoustic Arrangements

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CODE OF ZERO初のアコースティックCD発売
MAKE ME REAL Acoustic Arrangements

1. MAKE ME REAL (Acoustic)
2. Deep Above (Acoustic)
3. アリスインサイレンス (Acoustic)
4. TO BE ZERO (Acoustic)
5. good night to chains (Acoustic)
6. Just The Time (Acoustic / Bonus Track)
7. Get Your Sun (Acoustic / Bonus Track)

CODE OF ZERO MAKE ME REAL Acoustic Arrangements
Lyrics / Music / Arranged & Sound Produced by CODE OF ZERO

Additional Musicians:
Track 1,3,5 Ag: yu-ya (from vivid undress)
Track 2 篠笛・能管: TAKA (from AKARA) / 箏: Tommy (from AKARA)
Track 3 二胡: 山平憲嗣
Track 4 Pf: 菊池亮太 (from アノアタリ)

Programming & All other instruments: CODE OF ZERO
Recorded & Mixed by CODE OF ZERO / 石光孝(M6)

Art Direction & Design: tagcatman

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¥2,000 tax included